Mercury Development prides itself in both accuracy and timely responsiveness to any inquiry or need. Their property management team is always ready to assist – offering professional, quality, and cost-efficient service 24/7.  While providing a hands-on approach, our property managers find it key to interact on a regular basis with our tenants and landlords, in turn facilitating invaluable trusting relationships.

Being proactive is paramount, and striving to tour the array of managed properties on a weekly basis ensures the sites are functioning, clean, and well maintained. From frequent roof walks, structural inspections, and security assessments, landlords, business owners, and shoppers alike feel safe and secure with their investment and time.

Skilled team members also have the ability to facilitate construction projects for landlords and business owners, ranging from tenant improvements, build-to-suits, or large scale redevelopments.

Property Management is committed to optimizing your asset and looks forward to the opportunity.

Financial Management

Complementing property management and with just as much experience is Mercury Development’s financial management department. Landlord’s will have the ability to rely on the following services: Tenant Rent Billing, Deposits, Collections, Tenant Inquiries, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Statements, Cash Flow Management and Tracking, Reconciliations for CAM, Reconciliations for Insurance, Reconciliations for Property Taxes.

Quarterly reporting is available for all managed properties, big or small, and is customizable to fit each owner’s needs. Managing the flow of records associated with specific properties and tenants is made simple by diligently maintaining complete hard copy files of all bills and invoices. For safety measures, you can rely on matching digital copies as well as a mirror of these documents in an element proof safe.

Mercury Development treats every property as if it were its own. Leveraging this pride of ownership philosophy has led to decades of successful service experience. Tenured team members look forward to providing your entity professional, accurate, and timely financial management.